Byte-Vision is aware that projects do not suceed or fail based on the technology used. We acknowledge that technologies are merely tools to carry out our work. We do however ensure we are always up to date with the latest sets of available tools.


These are the current tools we have first hand experience and expertise applying.
  • HTML / XML / XSL
  • SQL Server
  • VBScript and Javascript
  • Rational Rose / Rational XDE / Enterprise Architect
  • NUnit.


We have vast experience building multi-tiered Object Orientated solutions using the industry standard design patterns.

Software Quality

We use a simple rule: All software we write is written using Test Driven Development . It is not finished unless there are running tests that all pass in addition to the full set of regression tests.

We focus heavily on building architectures that are fully testable using automated tools like NUnit.

Our arsenal of software quality techniques include:

  • Designing Testable Architectures (See our Extreme Web Architectures article.) 
  • Design By Contract
  • Test Driven Development
  • Assertions
  • Formal Inspections
  • Pair Programming

    Design Methods

    Approaches - Object Orientated, use case driven.
    Notations - UML
    Processes - Rational Unified Process (RUP), and Extreme Programming (XP)
    Tools - Rational Rose, xUnit, VS.NET, Enterprise Architect

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