Software Quality

We are proud to offer our clients the ability to deliver the software quality goals listed below:

  • Regression and unit testing is fully automated.
  • A full system test should take no longer than one minute.
  • Automated tests must cover 100% of the code base.
  • Tests should be possible to be injected at any point in the architecture.
  • There should never be a repeat bug.
  • The unresolved bug count must never rise above 10.

    We consistently achieve these goals, using our proven experience of software quality practices which include:

  • Designing architectures for automated testability.
  • Writing tests using unit testing tools - NUnit.
  • Extensive use of Design By Contract techniques.
  • 100% Test Driven Development.
  • Extensive use of Assertions.
  • Lighweight formal inspections.
  • Pair Programming.
  • Mock Objects. 

    By employing these principles and techniques we consistently deliver high quality robust software on time, and to budget. 

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