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Byte-Vision was formed in 1997 to develop, deliver and maintain high quality multi-tiered Object Orientated computer systems. Byte-Vision utilises Agile practices and is an active practioner, trainer and mentor of Extreme Programming (XP). Byte-Vision has proven experience providing training and mentoring for clients moving to XP

Byte-Visions fundamental principles are:

Byte-Vision prides itself on its technical know-how and full project life cycle experience. Byte-Vision works closely with with its clients to achieve their business objectives using technical solutions.

Byte-Vision has a wealth of project experience and technical experience. It practices, trains and mentors agile development techniques such as eXtreme Programming(XP), and specialises in Test Driven Development (TDD). In addition, Byte-Vision has first hand experience and knowledge of heavier processes like RUP.

Byte-Vision has consistently proved itself capable of delivering on very challenging projects, with rapidly changing requirements and tight deadlines. 

Byte-Vision passionately believes in quality and has demonstrated many times that if you look after software quality early, then productivity follows. Byte-Vision has developed a training course, Quality By Design, that contains a combination of very pragmatic, practical and highly effective development techniques based around software quality and agile development techniques. This training course has been delivered to major blue chip financial institutions.


Contractors' Handbook: The expert guide for UK contractors and freelancers

Dave Chaplin, the founder of Byte-Vision Ltd, has lived and breathed contracting since he first took the plunge and became a professional contractor in 1997. He spent seven years working as an IT contractor in the City of London on critical, cutting-edge IT infrastructure and development projects for global players like HSBC, Merrill Lynch, Cable and Wireless, and many others.

Dave’s contracting career has seen him survive and thrive through the highs of the boom years and the lows of the dot-com crash; and through bright periods of plenty and gloomy times of belt-tightening recession. He founded the popular contractor website, ContractorCalculator, and has been its full-time CEO since 2004.

In Dec 2008 Dave published the Contractors' Handbook : The expert guide for contractors and freelancers.

For unbeatable coverage of the key issues facing contractors NOW, the Contractors’ Handbook provides:

  • In-depth how-to guide for CV writing and interviews
  • Key guidance on the latest IR35 case law
  • Unique section on ‘what to do when things go wrong’
  • Advanced marketing and sales for contractors
  • Advice on contracting abroad and coming to the UK

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